Extraordinary General Assembly on 22 January to approve new statutes

Extraordinary General Assembly on 22 January to approve new statutes

Welcome back to school! This first 2019 https://datingranking.net/west-virginia-dating/ edition of the APEEE NewsFlash should provide you with enough content to make a fresh start in the New Year.

The APEEE NewsFlash, introduced in October, is still in its pilot phase. We continue to tweak our content structure, layout and timing. We nevertheless received quite positive feedback after our October edition and after seeing how much content has built up over the last two months, we may seriously consider a monthly edition. We would of course be happy to receive any suggestions from you, our parent readers.

Please note, any member of our school community is encouraged to submit content to our newsletter. We would particularly appreciate more news from our primary parents and teachers at both the Uccle and Berkendael sites.

2017-2018 Activity Report

The 2017-2018 APEEE Annual Report, which includes the 2018-2019 budget, is out!Click on the links below to find out about the range of activities carried out by the Parents’ Association over the past school year.

APEEE Board election results

The General Assembly (GA) of the APEEE held in Brussels on 6 December elected five new members of the APEEE Board:

  • Marek Bobis, BERK SK
  • Henning Ehrenstein, BERK DE
  • Anne-mer, UCCLE DA
  • Sven Matzke, UCCLE DE
  • Gundars Ostrovskis, BERK LV

The members elected by the language sections on 8 November to sit on the APEEE Administrative Board (CA) were approved by the same GA. The official lists of APEEE Board Members and Education Committee (CE) Members are available on the APEEE website:

The APEEE Statutes have been revised to formally include representatives from the Berkendael site as well as a SWALS representative in the APEEE Administrative Board.

Yet, the General Assembly of 6 December did not manage to approve the revised Statutes; the quorum of the 358 parents’ representatives (2/3) was not reached (though 155 of the 183 voters were in favour of the proposed amendments). For this reason, an extraordinary General Assembly will be called on at 19h00. All parents are invited to attend. Registration is mandatory to access the school before Monday 21 January at midnight.

APEEE invites members of the school community to request funds for projects

Do you have an idea for improving life at the school? Do you know of a school-related initiative that needs support? In October of this year, the APEEE Board voted in a new financial procedure which will make it possible for all members of the EEBI school community (parents, teachers, students, management, staff) to apply for funds to support projects at the school. There will be formal school-wide calls in March (or alternatively, in March and October) each year soliciting projects according to defined criteria.

In between these times, school community members are invited to use the “urgent” or “simplified” procedures as appropriate; these requests will be judged using the baseline criteria defined in the new procedure.

  • Procedure
  • Baseline criteria
  • Application form

Francis Pirotta Creative Arts Prize

He used to spend countless hours drawing. It was by far his favourite pastime and an opening into his world. It was also his favourite school time activity, to the extent that in his mind it was more important than any other activity or lesson. He passed away suddenly on . The future is now beyond his reach; this prize commemorates his short but creative life and ensures that his spirit and determination remain alive through the creativity of other children…

At our November meeting, the APEEE Administrative Board agreed to help run and provide funds for an annual Francis Pirotta Creative Arts Prize. The theme of the competition, which will be run in cooperation with our nursery and primes, will be decided each year based on the loves, interests and imagination of Francis. Each prize will be a shared experience and will be awarded to a whole class.

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