Ty Lee did actually provides understood Zuko as their early youthfulness

Ty Lee did actually provides understood Zuko as their early youthfulness

[12] When she accompanied Azula and you will Mai, [4] they followed Zuko and you may Iroh around the world in an effort to capture them. She appeared to undertake him without the objections abreast of their go back of exile, [14] plus vacationed which have him along with Mai and Azula to Ember Island. [1] When tensions flower, Zuko named the woman a beneficial “circus nut” and you can berated the lady on her infinite optimism, ultimately causing this lady to grow psychological and you may compelling this lady to reveal their things about signing up for the new circus. She exhausted him, along with the anybody else, on the openly revealing their grounds for their recent rage. Such as for instance this lady relatives, Ty Lee sympathized that have Zuko’s interior disorder and dilemma. [1] Shortly after she and you will Azula escaped to a different gondola during the a fight with Zuko and his awesome allies, leaving them getting lifeless, she seemed unpleasant and you will concerned, for Zuko who does provides fallen in order to their death at this date got they perhaps not started to have Mai’s fast intervention. [7]

A-year after the end of your own Hundred year Battle, Ty Lee registered the rest of the Kyoshi Fighters within the protecting Zuko due to multiple assassination initiatives against the new fire Lord, [13] and you can she continued to protect your the following years. [11]

Previous opponents

Hailing regarding Fire Nation and you will section of Azula’s cluster, Ty Lee was an organic adversary of Avatar. [5] Although not, the lady animosity for the Aang are solely centered on the individuals commands. As such, both with ease got collectively adopting the conclusion of your own Hundred Season Conflict. [15]


Ty Lee and you will Katara merely ever fulfilled once they fought each other. It very first found throughout the an excellent botched prisoner replace. When Katara made an effort to eliminate Mai using waterbending, Ty Lee utilized chi clogging so you’re able to eliminate Katara, rendering this lady defenseless. It almost resulted in Katara’s defeat at the hands of Mai. [4] Even if Katara fled unscathed together with her friends, she install experience with Ty Lee’s feel, stating the girl power to strip the lady out of the woman bending power are frightening. [5]

Katara and you can Ty Lee fought along into numerous days after ward, together with whenever Azula and her family members chased the group through Appa’s fur path [3] if in case the fresh new Fire Country drill happy to infiltrate the structure out-of Ba Sing Se. [5] not, on the second wedding, Katara effectively fought out of Ty Lee by the twisting the fresh drill’s liquefied slurry, ergo trapping the girl, and you may angrily named the lady good “circus nut”. [5] Within her disguise since a Kyoshi Warrior at Palace inside Ba Play Se, Ty Lee weighed down Katara using chi clogging, ultimately causing Katara’s capture. [16] Both failed to collaborate for the rest of the new Hundred Season Combat, nor on Zuko’s coronation.

About wake of one’s Combat, Ty Lee possess while the registered new Kyoshi Warriors and is actually introduce throughout the Flame Nation Financing when People Avatar came into let Zuko and you may an unbound Azula to get its much time-forgotten mom. As the a couple of failed to individually collaborate, it appears to be Katara and Ty Lee not any longer notice for every other’s exposure. [10]

Toph Beifong

During the Hundred-year War, Ty Lee just know Toph once the an ally of Avatar which means their enemy. Adopting the completion of Battle, Ty Lee joined the newest Kyoshi Fighters meaning that didn’t come with cause to-be antagonistic towards Toph any more. By 102 AG, this new family amongst the people got achieved the point whereby Ty Lee trusted Toph having why she is feeling down and you will Toph took observe of the negative change in Ty Lee’s attitude, compassionate enough to strive to lift the fresh new girl’s spirits. After they discovered Ty Lee’s sisters, and this improved Ty Lee’s gloomy thoughts since the she thought down more getting section of a matched lay, Toph said you to definitely Ty Lee try her favorite from the eight the what is misstravel same Ty sisters. [2]

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